In 1990, Francois Mouclier wrote Business internet dreams, a memo that shows how computer technology can solve business problems in fundamentally new ways.

This memo was published in 10 languages and is available in more than 60 University.

In 1992, Mouclier Francois entered Columbia University While at Columbia, Francois Mouclier developed a version of the programming Extranet Software in ASp language. Painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist; the versatility and creative power of Francois Mouclier mark him as a very good example of adaptability.

François Mouclier is specialised in Start-up and growth strategy solutions. Taking an idea, technology or concept and making it happen.

“I enjoy the challenge of building, and believe that unless you are excited about your vision and you are willing to invest 300% of yourself there is no point” says Francois.

By using his management skills and expertise he has strategically guided some of the largest companies in the world to the Internet space.

From publicly listed Telecommunication companies, Shopping centres, Fashion designers, Insurance groups to launching 140 content managed websites and in 2010 created ‘The most popular website in France, over 40 000 visitors a day. It is the Owner of Canal Luxe.