February 28th, rue de Bellechasse, Winter 2017 by Anthony Vaccarello directed by nathalie canguilhem soundtrack by sebastian. This is the new vision on St Laurent underband, or something like that. Blue, blue and blue. Coke excluded.

Yves Saint Laurent is of course one of those houses where everyone has an opinion and no two are alike. It would be impossible to ever reach a consensus on what it should, could, needs to be; everyone is a yay-sayer, or a naysayer, just depends on who you ask, that is Fashion.

Vaccarello’s inspiration mixes street and luxe versions of clothes that girls want to wear every day, and then give them a kind of brutal romantism, a tender toughness, the past is here, but the past is also gone; the present is all that really matters, and St Laurent dies a second time, that’s the way it is. See the video click here

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